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How to


  • Donate using the link provided on our website to receive an access code

  • 100% of your donation will go towards Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations and you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation

  • Donations must be made through the link on our website in order to receive the access code

  • The game will begin once the access code is entered

  • Recommended team size is 1-6 players. If you have a larger group, we suggest dividing into smaller teams. Read more on our Team Building/Corporate page 

  • Play with your team at home or virtually via video conferencing. We recommend Zoom or any other application with screen sharing capabilities

  • Work together to decipher clues and solve puzzles to complete the mission 

  • There is no time limit (expected time to completion is 90 minutes). Feel free to challenge your friends for the fastest time!

  • You will need internet access

  • In order to access all clues, you will need an Instagram account (one per group) and a music identification app such as ShazamGoogle Earth may also be helpful to download prior.

  • Ensure audio is turned ON 

  • The game must be accessed from a desktop/laptop computer

  • The experience is not suitable for phone or tablet devices 

  • If you have any gameplay issues please contact us at


Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations are changing the health of children, so we can change the health of Canada!


About Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundations (CCHF)

We believe every kid should have a childhood. That’s why we raise funds and awareness to support Canada’s children’s hospitals.


CCHF hospitals are on a journey to raise support so paediatric hospitals can provide critical services and equipment that accelerate recoveries, shorten hospital stays and get kids back to living the childhoods they deserve. Whether it’s your child, the child of someone you know, or a child in your community, we’re here to stand up for all sick children, so they have the most fulfilling, healthiest childhood possible.


Children's Health During the Pandemic

Your contributions are making a huge impact. Thanks to your support, we’re helping hospitals change the outcome for sick children. But the fight isn’t over. And we need you now more than ever…


COVID-19 has created a crisis in children’s health with potentially catastrophic impacts to the physical and mental health of children. Many children are living in isolation, cut off from the essential supports that are critical to their wellbeing and experts warn there will be both short and long-term consequences. Kids who are at risk of experiencing violence at home have not been monitored as they normally would be through school and are unable to access to trusted adults outside of their home. And while many non-essential services have opened, many kids have not been able to safely access childcare or recreational activities this year.


Pandemic emergency measures have also increased wait times for care. While Canadians of all ages now face the reality that a large back log will mean they have to wait longer for needed assessments, therapies or procedures, forcing children to wait extra months or even years will affect their growth and development.

Your Donation Makes A Difference

When you support CCHF, you’re supporting excellence in Canadian paediatric healthcare.


When a kid is sick, it’s with them every single minute of every single day. Every day, over 5,000 children receive care at a children’s hospital in Canada. Every day, more than 250 surgeries are performed on kids in Canada. Every day, over 2,100 diagnostic imaging procedures are done on kids in Canada.


Child and family-centred care aims to alleviate the stress and trauma of treatment. This innovative approach incorporates aspects of childhood into paediatric care — like music therapy, smartphone apps, children’s playrooms, family lounges and more — that give children a respite from treatment and a return to childhood, even if only for a moment, an hour or a day.

Your donation is truly life changing. Support Canada’s children’s hospitals today and help give kids the childhood they deserve!

The development team of Escape From Quarantine would like to thank you for your support and participation. 

Good luck and have fun!


The Escape From Quarantine Team

       Casey Goldstein

       Corey Bacher

Escape From Quarantine Website Logo (2).
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